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hello. my name is meggan. was really bored one day, so i made this. basically i love the dranberries. a lot. and i know that others must too. so please post here. you dont neccisarily have to post about them or anything. just, post thoug. it will be fun. if you dont know how, email me, or somment. thanks!
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wake up and smell the coffee dear !!!


Fabs, Brazil.
(and I like to draw chairs)
heh. yay. join the community. no one does!
I lvoe the cranberries!!!! They Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
lets be best friends
wow thats so kewl that someone else likes them too! wow! i'll join! i also love the fruit cranberries. yum

Someone posted in community_quest looking for you. I found you for her, but I think you might be easier to find if you had "the cranberries" as well as "cranberries" on your list of interests. Hope this helps!
My Name is Sheena, I am 19 years old(20 next month), and have been an AVID fan of the Cranberries since the ripe Age of 7 when my step mom would pop The Everybody Else is Doing it So Why Can't We cd in the player and I would spin around entranced by the music, and the stunning vocals of Dolores. Now I own EVERY cd by them,and the dvd of videos, I know how to play most of their songs on the guitar, and when I was in band I would sing their songs in class and at rally's, my friends tell me I can sing just like her, honestly I do not come close, but I can just sing whether it be a No Doubt song (my other favorite band) or any other song by any other artist :0). Now I just wish to create a cover band or something. Anyways, so I am happy to have joined this community, since none of my friends enjoy (and hardly know about) the most woderful band in the world...The Cranberries :0P